Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ICY Choice: a docking station goes with your computer!

Good day everybody, this time ICY DOCK shows you to compare other brand product with ICY DOCK-MB981U3-1SA and MB881U3-1SA in the below photos. Are you confused there is no usage of IDE HDD if you "fortunately" have it since long long time ago? you won't collect them in your attic and covered it by dust,  MB881/981 helps the IDE HDD to be useful again!

Transferring via USB3.0 superspeed up to 5Gb/s, any file can be transferred to another device in a short time! (of course it also depends on the speed of HDD)

Just provide you the brief introduction as above, we believe you will be clear via reading the comparison in photos. More information please go to ICY DOCK now~enjoy it please ^^

MB881U3-1SA link:
MB981U3-1SA link:

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