Tuesday, October 04, 2011

ICY news: Facebook adds WebSense safe browsing to its defenses

This is the warning that will pop up if WebSense
determines that a web link is unsafe on Facebook
(Credit: Websense)

Facebook is adding a Websense Web link blacklist service to its arsenal of defenses designed to protect users from clicking on links that lead to sites hosting malware.
The social-networking site will be using Websense ThreatSeeker Cloud service, which warns people when they click on a link on Facebook that could be malicious, the companies announced today. Facebook will start rolling out the service today.

The partnership follows one that Facebook announced in May with the free Web of Trust safe surfing service. Facebook also has its own blacklist. The larger the pool of blacklists the better the chances users will be protected from malware, basically.

When users click on a link, the online blacklist databases are checked to see if the link is flagged. If the link is deemed unsafe, users will see a warning and be given the option of ignoring the alert, returning to the previous page, or getting more information.

ICY Comment: I believe you must have a facebook account to contact your friends conveniently and play some webgames via it. Recently the news says Facebook still tracks your situation even though you have logged out. It is like a "Trueman show", and you are a actor/actress, it sounds terrible, doesn't it? Facebook bring not only users' conveniency to contact people in the world, but some private invasion issues... How do you think about it?

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