Friday, October 21, 2011

The Best Android Tablet Alternatives to the iPad 2

Apple revolutionized the technology industry with the release of the original iPad, but the tablet industry has come a long way since then; thanks to the birth of the Android tablet.

Since the release of the original iPad, modern consumers have been looking for worthy alternatives that match the collective features and price of Apple’s infamous iOS tablet.

But consumers aren’t the only ones looking for alternatives to the iPad. In fact, finding a worthy match is such an obsession for the tech world that the phrases “iPad killer” and “iPad competitor” have been coined, and used quite more at Thetechlabs

ICY Comment: Since the first iPad released in market, HTC, Samsung, Acer...started to develop new tablet in order to fight the tablet market. Different features different functions to appeal to users. Which one will you support?


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